Friday, July 15, 2011

aaand another test

to see the sharpness

another test of mine

to see the quality of the picture

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A new Photography Blog

Hello friends!
I am so very excited to let you know that I have a nice photography blog now.
Please go check it out and suscribe to it (this blog here will not be updated any longer):
If you wanna make my day, leave me a message on the new blog!!
Thank you for your loyalty!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Who does he look like?

Just yesterday when I talked to Ruth (my sister) on Skype, she told me how she sees Markus in little Max. Well, she might be right but I still think it's pretty evenly distributed. Round face from me, dark eyes from Markus. (Big head from Grandpa Deloy).

So, here's the question: what do you think?

left to right:
Me, Max, Markus

left to right:
Me, Max, Markus

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Max can walk! (finally)

It "only" took him 13 months to be this far, but I take whatever. We are proud he finally has the courage to let go of furniture, big toys, his highchair, people's legs, other kids... ;)


Oh, and excuse the mess, we do have a toddler at home, you know! ;)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Max and the Rocks


Because we all like random videos, right?

Max and his Papi (Dad)

The holidays have been nice. It was so good having Markus at home pretty much the whole time.
Max also got used to it.
When he woke up this morning, he looked around for his Papi. Since he could not see him in our room, he started to cry and literally went into every single room (yes downstairs too) to find him. I tried to explain that he was at work, but I guess a 13 month old boy does not understand "work".
He eventually stopped crying, but I know he misses him!

Starting 2010

On the 2nd of January, we picked up Andi and went to the beach. Before, we stoped at some crazy bakery in mission viejo to buy some "cremeschnitte". Unfortunately, it was not the real deal. Too bad.
In San Onofre, we went on a 8 mile bike ride and then climbed down to the beach. Max was still not sure about the waves, but he loved looking at them.
His favorite part was playing with the rocks.
The three boys.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Zoo

I kind of had the feeling, Max would love the Zoo. He likes to study everyone and everything. I loved watching his face as he discovered some animals (the ones that did not move, he did not even look at...)
The Elephant-ride was the highlight. It's one of those silly things I've always wanted to do, and the little SA Zoo made it come true. :)
The ride was SUPER bumpy and would I have known about it beforehand, I would have gone without Max.
Max liked our little trip and was so tired when we left, he fell asleep before we even got on the freeway!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa needed to rest...

We all got together Christmas Eve for a progressive Dinner. We made some music, ate, ate, ate and had fun.

We just got to Grandma and Grandpa's house when Santa knocked at the door asking if he could rest.

My nieces where really surprised and Big Sis was so funny and talkative. She sat on Santa's Lap and was so relaxed talking to him in front of everyone. We found out that she really badly wants a Rat Pet (so random). (Well, her parents know)

Anyways, here some of the funniest things she said that night.
1. Santa asked about how many reindeer's he has... Sis in Law helped her daughter to count while she held up her fingers for her daughter to count... Santa said "if there where more reindeer's, your mom would have to take her shoes off". Big Sis reply: "She cant fly."
(I think she thought, her mom would have to go take off her shoes and jump in as a reindeer...)

2. Santa said something bad about everyone. So he mentioned my ticked for talking on the phone. He said it's a point against me on my record where after I said, that my insurance said it's not. So Santa asked me "who are you with?" Big Sis replied "She is already married!!!"

I was busting up that Big Sis thought Santa was making the move on me. HAHAHA.
I think even Santa had a hard time not to laugh!

Max cried again when he saw Santa. He just does not like him!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Since I moved to the USA in January 2006, it seems like everything has been beige.
Majority of people's wall's are beige. Cards are beige. Decorations are beige. Curtains are beige.

What's with the beige? Can someone explain what is so appealing about beige?
Granted, I have seen homes that look stunning with beige walls, beige couches and beige decor... however, have you seen people in pictures of beige walls? If the people are "white" it just looks horrible.

So, without wanting to offend anyone, I will dedicate today to colors, because they make me happy.

See here, here, here... and find more.

ps: this is NOT an ikea "be bold not beige" commercial, even though I am known to be an "ikea freak"... ;)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Camille and our little exchange

When I heard, that Camille would like to learn more about photography, I was so excited to show her some of my tricks. I asked her to take my pictures in exchange. She did an awesome job on mine and I also like the outcome of hers. This was so much fun and we are both happy about how we did and how we look. Just one of those win-win situations.

Thank you Camille, you look beautiful.

Those eyes!!!

Yup, my favorite too...

Did I ever mention that single portrait is my absolute favorite? I LOVE it!